BMW i8

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BMW i8 rental in Dubai: moving forward!

Rent the masterpiece from the German business BMW, the i8 - the car of the future, if you enjoy new, progressive, and original things. You will be in charge of the United Arab Emirates' highways with this sports automobile.

For a new generation, for individuals who are not frightened of the novel and unconventional, the BMW i8 is a step towards a more technologically advanced future. A supercar for those who appreciate innovation, the BMW i8 was presented at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show. This is a high-tech vehicle that will captivate people's interest and make them happy at all times.

And as soon as you open the entrance, you'll be startled by the doors' sudden, butterfly-wing-like openings. This sports automobile really slices through the air and rockets through space like the wind thanks to its lightweight aerodynamic body.

The BMW corporate style is evident throughout the interior, which is just as elegant as the appearance. It is admirable that the Germans hold traditions in such high regard. Each brand should, in fact, be easily identifiable by its unique qualities. A wonderful environment is created inside thanks to the extensive use of LED lights, especially at night. The i8's seats are incredibly adaptable and, of course, made of eco-leather, just like more current BMW vehicles.

The engine, though, is arguably the most intriguing feature of a hybrid BMW. The engine in this case actually consists of two sections. The vehicle's front features an electric motor with a 97 kWh capacity. 231 horsepower are produced by the 1.5 liter turbocharged engine. If we combine the two signs, a sports automobile with all-wheel drive and 362 horsepower will be developed, and it will accelerate from 0 to 100 in under 4.6 seconds. The ideal that everyone aspires to achieve at some point is now materializing before your very eyes.

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